3 facts on how 3D printing changed education

3 facts on how 3D printing changed education

With a high impact on all productive and creative industries, the 3D printing phenomenon changed the course of history as we know it. Offering a reliable and fast solution for different types of problems 3D printing enthusiasts and curios people quickly formed communities to share, learn and talk about different 3d printers and models. With such a great evolution and worldwide spread in a short period, it was only a matter of time until the educational potential of 3D printing got noticed. Here are 3 facts that managed to change education and teaching systems through 3D printing:


One big problem that the majority of the educational systems around the world share is the lack of practice in schools and universities due to limited financial and human resource possibilities. With 3D printing currently being present into more and more primary and high school units through acquisitions or donations the possibilities become endless. Students can now not only learn about additive manufacturing and its principles, they can also see, use and even improve it.


Understanding and using 3D printing in the middle and top stages of the educational process not only brings great insights for the industry but it also helps students develop new skills and strengthen other – like creative thinking, practicality or design. Moving forward we can say that better skills often translate into bigger and more diverse career opportunities students can get after finishing school.


3D printing can be looked at as an independent technical domain but it can also bring value to other domains students learn in school. For instance the Geography/Geology, Arts or History domains can have huge benefits if mixed with 3D printing.
3D printed geological landscape
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