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Color Control Group

   The color control group is a privately owned group of companies in the Netherlands. It is well known by the name of companies like AV Flexologic (mounting equipment), Tech Sleeves (printing sleeves), All Flexo (flexography consumables and equipment) and Leapfrog (3D printers) and Color Control Services (production). The color control group mainly operates in the flexographic industry. The flexographic industry is the bundle name for everything that has to do with the printing of packaging. All the products of large FMCG’s have to be packed and flexographic printed for branding. Due to a high demand and a well-focused strategy, CCG has been growing exponentially. Below you can find information about all the companies. For addtitional information, do not hesitate to

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Allflexo logo - Color Control Group

Cost Saving Solutions Through Experience and Innovation

Allflexo is specialized in the production and distribution of products for the flexographic printing industry. Since the 1980s we have been a reliable partner for the flexo market. We have grown by focusing on providing photopolymer printing plate solutions and more recently the business has expanded into flexographic print sleeves and adapters under the trade name Tech Sleeves.

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AV Flexologic logo - Color Control Group

The global leader in mounting equipment

AV Flexologic B.V. is the biggest company in our group and a leading and experienced manufacturer of equipment in the Flexographic Industry. All equipment is manufactured and designed with high precision, while at the same time ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly operation.

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CCS logo - Color Control Group

One of the leading suppliers in Cluj-Napoca area

With a dedicated team of professional engineers, work preparation, product designers and factory workers that grew from one year to another, Color Control Services became one of the leading suppliers in Cluj-Napoca area in their specific field. We are a professional supplier, trustworthy and with a high importance for the companies of the Color Control Group and their customers.

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Leapfrog 3D printers logo - Color Control Group

High-end 3D printers for professional use

Leapfrog 3D Printers is one of the youngest companies in the group. Founded in 2012, Leapfrog was one of the first 3D printer manufacturers to offer a plug-and-play device. Growing explosively from day one, Leapfrog has always aimed to be at the forefront of technology by offering more advanced products than the competition.

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Tech Sleeves- Color Control Group

Worldwide customized sleeve solutions

Tech Sleeves®is a company that specializes in producing bridges and printing sleeves for the global flexographic printing industry. The product portfolio at Tech Sleeves® includes Tech Sleeve® Hard, Tech Sleeve® Soft, Tech Bridge® Hard, Tech Bridge® Soft, Tech Sleeve® Thin and supporting equipment like Sleeve Storage System, Plate Demounter and the TIR Measurement system.

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